ABOUT MBW & Jes- Head designer, snack maker, cleaner, cook, dispute resolution officer and lover of all things practical.


Empowering Women through practical, versatile & stylish clothing – MummaBear Western’s mission.

As Anne Klein once said, “Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will”. And that’s precisely what Jes, the creator of MBW, is aiming to achieve. She’s bringing common sense and practicality back to staple pieces of clothing, with a focus on the Yakka & MummaYakka shirts, designed to provide comfort to women in all stages of life.


MBW HQ is nestled in the Atherton Tablelands of North Queensland, where Jes is raising her four Wildings while pursuing her passion for fashion. Her goal is to empower women by promoting connection and sharing stories and knowledge, with complete compassion and zero judgment. The vision is to create a strong collective of women who support and encourage one another, no matter where they are on their respective journeys. All whilst being  comfortable and practical in clothing specifically designed & sourced for the many situations we find our self in along our journey.

With MBW, Jes is creating more than just another clothing brand. She building a label with meaning, and for her customers to be a part of her village. By using clothing as a common thread, Jes’s mission is to empower the collective of women everywhere, one comfortable and practical shirt at a time.

So join the MBW journey by following on on the socials or sign up to the email list and stay close – good things are here, and there’s still more to come!


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