‘Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will’ -Anne Klein

G’day! I’m Jes, MBWs creator and I’ve set out to bring common sense and practicality back to staple pieces of clothing.

MBW HQ is situated in the beautiful Atherton Tablelands of North Queensland. Its here, I’m raising my four Wildings and learning to start a clothing line in my ‘spare time’ as a fulltime MummaBear. Although I do have a few designs in development, Its my main product, the Yakka & MummaYakka shirts that’s really creating change and helping Women all across this great land #workrestplayeveryday in comfort no matter the stage they are in. The MummaYakka – breastfeeding shirt, came about after ten years of wearing the impractical cookie cut version that is very popular today. I wanted a shirt that was not only  comfortable & practical but I could wear throughout my many stages, whether I was pregnant, breastfeeding or not! And so the #gamechanger was born.

Using clothing as a common thread, my mission and intention is simple. 

To be more then just another clothing brand by supporting, encouraging and empowering Women, by promoting connection as a whole, whilst sharing our stories and knowledge. Doing this with complete compassion, zero  judgment and nothing but support for wherever we may be on our respective journeys. Doing this, empowers us as a collective & we are stronger individually.

It really does take a Village; and I see you as apart of mine at MBW.

Connecting with Compassion to Empower the Collective of Women everywhere

A label with meaning.

I hope you can follow along on the MBW journey; I’d stay close… good things are here and still coming!

x Jes


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