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MummaBear Western is Australia’s first Western & Maternity online clothing store & the home of the all new Yakka & MummaYakka shirts.

Featuring practical, workable & basic clothing pieces, that will get you from the paddock to the playground comfortably.

Our exclusive designs & specifically sourced pieces, can be worn time and time again allowing for our ever changing bodies to be comfortable.

Using clothing as a common thread with women…

MBW’s Mission is simple- we are never going to be just a brand-

We aim to encourage the movement of connecting with other women, showing  compassion for their individual journey, so we can empower the collective of women globally.

A label with meaning.

We’ve been working on designs all year & perfecting the most practical clothing for work, play and when you get the occasional down time! 

Its official, February/March 2022 sees the launch of our clothing line!

Stay close, your going to want to see what’s coming



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